Come as you are


The directorate of youth was inaugurated by the First Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos Mainland- The Rt Rev Adebayo Dada Akinde and the first director of the directorate was the Venerable Josiah Eziaghighala in 2006, the then Diocesan Youth chaplain was the Revd ‘Femi Fatile. The directorate thrived and grew under their leadership. However the need to change the leadership structure came up in year 2008 and the Ven ‘Femi Fasina was made the director of youth.He worked with the acronym Mobilize, Empower, Nurture and Deploy (MEND).
The tenure of the Ven ‘Femi Fasina saw alot of improvement and increased growth. Upon assuming office the following persons were approved by the Diocesan to assist in the youth ministry:
The Revd Mathew Ogu - Diocesan Youth Chaplain
The Revd Babatunde Adenekan - Anglican Student Fellowship Chaplain
The Revd ‘Femi Fatile - Anglican Youth Fellowship Chaplain
With the above named team, the Ven Fasina went to work to incorporate a lot of the structure for the directorate as we have it today. The structure of youth work in 2012 was restructured to help in the synchronization of the timing of the Elections into the various youth offices at Parish, Archdeaconry and the executive of the Directorate. The harmonization brought some sense of balance and equity into the system and the group of older youth were trained by the Director to serve as Youth workers. These group of person were to assist him in monitoring, mentoring, training and be a system of support, a lot of the youth workers were those who had worked in old Diocese of Lagos Diocesan Youth Board,they are to mention a few- Bro Femi Akintande(Grandpa), Mrs Anu Shobo, BroTunde Adekola, just to mention a few. The standard of youth work improved tremendously with the formation Archdeaconry and Parish Chaplaincies and executives. Having served so long in the directorate the now Ven Banke Fasina bowed out of Office at the Annual Diocesan Youth Camp in 2017. The Ven Francis Akunne was appointed by the Most revd Adebayo Dada Akinde. The venerable francis
Did alot to ensure the sustenance of the structure left by his predecessors. Within the time period of his office, he was very passionate and committed to the cause of advancing the youth work in the diocese. He bowed out at the just concluded Annual Diocesan Youth Camp 2021. Presently the new director is the Revd Canon Mathew Ogu who served two(2) directors before him. Our prayers are with him as he assumes office just before the last youth camp